Why Addventure?

Add ventures music is about empowering all artists throughout the world. Our goal is to educate them in all aspects of the music industry. Our mission is to help them navigate their business in this ever changing music landscape.  We want artists to own, operate, monetize and brand themselves and their products.

We have a creative staff and partnered up with other businesses to obtain and provide valuable services that our artists can benefit from. These services are comparable to any of the present day record labels, we just offer them at affordable prices. This allows our artists the opportunity to use as many or as few of these services based on their needs & resources.

Add ventures music is a digital distribution company, we provide the use of our platform and relationships to allow our artists to retain ownership of all their masters. We show them how to monetize their music and content. This is what separates us from traditional records labels ............. 

This is your business!!!

How we do it

We offer distribution for an artist, which places their music in all the major digital resellers & streaming outlets.  Synced with this, we distribute video content through streaming services such as Vevo, Tidal, and Pandora just to name a few.  We have created partnerships with brands & other companies that will furnish services that all artists need to help market and promote their music in a cost effective way.