Artist Bio: Boogiie Byrd, Hip-Hop Artist,

Master Mind Music Entertainment, Inc.


There are many aspiring artists, rappers and musicians struggling to break into the hip-hop industry. But, for 23-year-old rising hip-hop artist, Boogiie Byrd, the foundation for breaking into the industry was laid out early by his musically-talented family members right here in the Washington, DC, metropolitan area, also known as the DMV. He is now set to release his latest project, 16-track, “Simply Art” album, to demonstrate what musical art in hip-hop is really about.

Boogiie remembers back to when he was 10-years-old, how his dad, Burrell Debois Hampton, Sr., would work long-hours in the basement studio of their home to produce the next level of electric sounds for R&B and rap music.

“Growing up with a father as a producer had many advantages. I was always exposed music because it was in my house — I literally couldn’t get away from it!” says Boogiie. “I would picture myself on the mic rapping the lyrics to a song that I had written. As I got older, I realized my interest in music was being manifested deep within.”  

As a 16-year-old student at Dr. Henry A. Wise High School in Prince George’s County, Maryland, he was approached to write and perform a jingle for a well-known and locally supported Eastern Motors (which almost exclusively uses Redskins team players as actors).  He wrote and recorded the jingle in less than 24 hours—the same pace as he writes his music today.

In 2011, Boogiie was introduced to Lawrence “Sonny” Brooks, former producer and engineer for Murder, Inc., and has written and produced six mix-tapes like “Simply Art,” featuring tracks like “Facin’ 40,” a very real-life depiction of a young 21-year-old facing 40 years in jail.

In his latest project, “Simply Art,” Boogiie is most proud of “Change the World” while local radio personalities are already calling “One of Them Days,” featuring Boogiie’s oldest sister, and “Being Me,” hit records. From open to close, no song is the same in what Boogiie calls a “mind-adventure” with inspirational and vibrant old school, hip-hop and R&B/rap. “I feel like my daughter’s my biggest fan, she’s always dancing to my music. She’s the one who makes me shrive.”

His music is described as simply art — no song is the same. Number four is nothing like number one. It’s very versatile. 

Boogiie will release the much anticipated “Simply Art” album under Master Mind Music Entertainment, Inc. followed by a weeks-long, “Music Over Bullets” tour at historically black colleges and university on the East Coast urging the end of senseless gun violence in our communities. 

“The only word I can think of is EPIC. I feel like everything just comes to life. We’re trying to change DC rap and just bring back music,” says Boogiie.

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