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Services Provided here are for AVM Members whose Singles/EPS/Albums are released through Add Ventures Music Distribution Platform Only - We DO NOT provide services to promote projects released through other distribution platforms.

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Music Video Production

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Music Video Production

from 500.00

Music Video Production

THIS WILL REQUIRE A CONSULTATION.  Our staff will follow up to gather needed information.  We provide a treatment for our videos as well.  Basic packages include.

1.  $500.00 --  TIER 1 -- Run & Gun Video : 1 Camera Generally 1 to 2 locations Exterior.  Price also includes editing of video.

2.  $1,500.00 -- TIER 2 -- Medium Scale Video : 1 Camera 1 to 3 locations 1 Location interior booked.  Price also includes editing of video, and 3 IG CLIPS.

3.  $5,000.00 -- TIER 3 -- Large Scale (SHOOT & POST) 1 to 3 Locations Interior or Exterior.  Black Magic, Red, and more available for this scale.  Lighting kits also included.  Price also includes editing of videos and 5 IG CLIPS.

4.  $10,000.00 -- TIER 4 - This budget will allow us to use Black Magic, or Red.  Larger Lighting setups, and a crew.  This is spot on for a larger scaled professional look.  Highest quality.   Price also includes editing of video, and 8 IG CLIPS.



+ Add Equipment Options ( Camera / Additional Lighting ) 

+ Add Locations ( Set Up Call for Consultation with Director)

+ Add Styling Services (Up to 3 Looks ) $550

+ Video Treatment $150 - $200

+ Casting For Models or Talent $250 (Not Including Talent Fees)

+ Hair & Makeup Services $300 (Up to 2 ppl)

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